Tidal Wave Promotions Takes Part in Philanthropic Events

Associates from Tidal Wave Promotions, a premier interactive marketing firm in the Fort Lauderdale region, recently gave back to their community through a holiday toy drive. Philanthropy is a big part of the firm's culture.

​The holiday season is a magical time for many people,” said Laura, Tidal Wave Promotions’ President. “However, for those in need, especially low-income families with children, it can be a stressful time. We wanted to help out.”

Laura shared how the Tidal Wave Promotions team stepped up to make spirits brighter. “This year our office is collecting toys to donate to families in need,” she said. “We can’t stand the idea of families going without toys this Christmas, so this is the cause we chose to support this year. We always love to give back, but we get especially inspired around Christmas.”  

The holiday season is a magical time for many people,"

Laura, President

As Laura noted, the team is motivated to gather toys for donation because they have set goals. “Our mission is to follow our typical campaign plan and have measurable goals,” she noted. “This holds us accountable to our philanthropic agenda. It allows us to measure our progress and challenges our team members to push a little further to reach that final objective. Our efforts to give back to our community are richer when we have a number to hit.”

Tidal Wave Promotions’ President Shares Best Practices of Office Philanthropic Events

“One of the reasons we have been impactful in our philanthropic goals is we engage our entire Tidal Wave Promotions office in giving back,” explained Laura. “Buy-in from everyone is essential if we want to be successful in helping others.”

As Laura shared, the team actively contributes to discussions on what causes to support and how they might give back. “There are so many organizations that we can donate our time and treasure to assist,” she said. “We try to find groups that are close to our hearts and inspire us to be charitable.”

“Vetting these organization is crucial as well,” stated Laura. “We want to ensure that our philanthropy is dedicated to charities that share our values and have a solid reputation within our community for truly serving others.”
After a cause is selected, Laura stated that the team determines how they will provide assistance. “Some organizations need volunteers while others prefer monetary or item donations,” she said. “We oblige based on our availability and on their needs.”

“When it comes to giving back, we look to make this a year-round activity,” Laure concluded. “The holidays draw more attention, but the need to help is 365 days long. After Christmas, we’ll look for our next opportunity to share ourselves.”

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