Tidal Wave Promotions Expands Horizons Through Travel

One of the ways that top producers at Tidal Wave Promotions are rewarded is through growth-focused business trips. Laura, the firm's President, discussed a recent conference and shared some networking tips for such events.

“I’m really proud of how much travel our high achievers can do by being on the Tidal Wave Promotions team,” stated Laura. “The simple act of leaving one’s comfort zone is a growth opportunity, and we build on that foundation by going on trips that stretch us personally and professionally. In fact, I just returned from Dallas, Texas, where I attended a leadership conference with all the big names in our industry, and I’m proud to say that Nicola met the qualifications for this trip as well!”

The weekend-long convention was a place where interactive marketers from across North America had the chance to learn from one another. Laura and Nicola attended formal educational seminars covering all the latest marketing research and trends, and were also part of informal breakout sessions where they had the chance to share best practices with small groups. What’s more, the conference included an awards ceremony that honored those who had accomplished significant goals in recent months.

"I'm really proud of how much travel our high achievers can do by being on the Tidal Wave Promotions team,"

Laura, President

“Seeing what others have achieved is truly inspiring, and I know that both Nicola and I came back to Tidal Wave Promotions ready to take what we learned and apply it,” Laura declared. “I’m confident that Nicola will truly make the most of this travel opportunity – it was a great way for her to learn more about our industry and find out exactly what it takes to achieve success. Not only do I see her growing from this experience, but I know her newfound knowledge and confidence will make a positive impact on her team members too.”

Tidal Wave Promotions’ President on Points to Remember When Networking at a Conference

Networking skills are a central component of the Tidal Wave Promotions training program, in large part because of the frequency with which associates have the chance to travel to events like the Dallas conference. Laura says that she wants her executives to be comfortable making connections anywhere, but it becomes especially important when she and her people are spending a weekend with influential marketing professionals.

“There are a few points that our coaches and training managers emphasize about networking as soon as someone joins our team, and these themes stay relevant no matter how experienced a networker you are,” Laura shared. “First, everyone’s nervous – not just you. Feeling a bit anxious about meeting other people is completely normal. Next, everyone’s human. No matter how much money a person has or how much success someone has achieved, pants still go on one leg at a time.”

There are some other things to keep in mind while networking, according to Laura. All contacts are valuable. More important than meeting famous, important, or powerful people is making a genuine connection with another human being. Also, without follow-up, all the effort one puts into meeting people is wasted.

“Nicola represented Tidal Wave Promotions well in Dallas, and I can’t wait to see who joins me on our next trip,” Laura concluded. “Whether we’re driving to a nearby office or flying to an exotic locale. I know it will be a growth experience.”  

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